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The Music Movement,

Raising awareness of the

Male Suicide Crisis Awareness

With the Power of Rock n Roll Music 68 - 18+


We Honour The Millions of Men

(Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Cousins, Mates, Colleagues),

Who Have Suicided, Overdosed &

Suffered Anxiety and/or Depression



By Empowering them with the 10 CoMan-Ments 

of Rock n Roll Music


Founded by Dr. JIM SKIValidas


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Dr. Jim lost his business and home to a electrical fire that made national news in late 2014.

He experienced immense emotional pain and financial strain and faced suicidal thoughts.


3.5 Years later...

Dr. Jim discovers the hidden power of his voice,

and performs 'Diamonds and Rust' at the Whiskey Go-Go bar in LA.


He changes the lyrics of the song to about Michael Hutchence suicide, while also honouring Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington before playing the final song of the night with Judas Priest.


Then on the 22/11/17, he goes onto create the inaugural, Im Just A Man Gala Ball on the 20th anniversary of Michael Hutchence passing, in Melbourne, fundraising for both Movember and Beyond Blue


GrungeX is born to empower and honour mens mental health  (anxiety, depression, suicide) with the 10 CoMan-Ments

of rock n roll music.


The 10 CoMan-Ments

Music Movement, Male Suicide Crisis



GrungeX Vision

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